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We provide a unique combination of leading-edge, established technologies and high-impact professional services to ensure that you get the benefits you seek on time, and within budget constraints. 

Content & Document Management

Our leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management (DM) solutions to help you capture, organize, store, retrieve and archive enterprise data and content in secure centralized or distributed repositories.


Our ECM and DM solutions enable you to share information with key stakeholders, collaborate on important content and documents and automate workflows to streamline your operations. 

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Data Capture & Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Streamline your document processing with our IDP solutions.  Our clients work with us to eliminate the inefficiencies of manual data entry and re-entry. 


IDP uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enable straight-through processing of structured, semi-structured or unstructured documents by automatically capturing, extracting, and processing data embedded in business documents, in just about any process in any industry. Our IDP solutions are very fast to implement with no coding and no templates.


By automating the capture of important data and documents, you will be able to improve operations by gaining access to critical insights and business trends.   

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Workflow Management

Transform your business operations with our Workflow Automation and Forms Management Solutions.  


Workflow automation enables you to spend less time on manual tasks such as form and document routing as well as system tasks such as automatically retrieving data from third party systems or processing incoming emails automatically. 


Every Intellera project involves some level of Workflow and Forms automation regardless of the technologies selected. Our team works with you to understand and document opportunities for operational improvements, and holds your hand through all automation projects.

Secure Electronic Signature

We help you strengthen compliance and eliminate costs related to paper-based processes with secure e-signature solutions.


Our solutions are designed to meet the requirements for all three forms of e-signature – simple (SES) advanced (AES), and qualified (QES). We offer comprehensive audit trails which enable you to easily prove compliance and deflect legal disputes.

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According to Gartner, Hyperautomation is a business-driven, disciplined approach that organizations use to rapidly identify, vet and automate as many business and IT processes as possible. Hyperautomation involves the orchestrated use of multiple technologies, tools or platforms, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, event-driven software architecture, robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM), low-code/no-code tools, packaged software, and other types of decision, process and task automation tools. It’s about extending an enterprise’s capacity for automation beyond individual processes.


We work with our clients to identify their unique Hyperautomation strategy, and bring together the appropriate technologies to successfully execute on the organizations vision.


To learn more about how we can help you with your Hyperautomation strategy please contact us!

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“WorkflowGen BPM by Intellera has helped us transform an inefficient process into one that is airtight. Money is being saved, accountability at all levels has greatly increased, and the entire process is working properly. Moreover, by eliminating the holes and inequities in the process, we have been rewarded with wide acceptance by our user community. We are very satisfied with Intellera’s WorkflowGen BPM solution.”

Gaetan Mainville,
Director, Information Systems UAP
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