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We provide a unique combination of leading-edge, established technologies and high-impact professional services to ensure that you get the benefits you seek on time, and within budget constraints. 

Automotive Manufacturing

We help Manufacturers build holistic operational automated processes through cutting-edge cloud, private cloud and on-premise technologies to better navigate sales, procurement, quality assurance, MRO, logistics and more.

Transportation Loading

Empower employees to focus on high-impact work by streamlining document handling across the business with automated processes to improve the customer experience, such as Sales, Request for Quotes, Receiving, Picking and Packing, Inventory and Returns Management. 

Chinook Hospital Entrance Sign

We provide reliable and scalable content services platforms,  with intelligent data AI-capture tools and process automation that delivers digital-first client experiences while increasing operational efficiency. Focus on what matters most – providing the highest standard of care for those you serve.

DCU Entrance

Whether it’s streamlining transcript processing, collecting and updating student information or securing student data, our scalable content services platforms and workflow automation solutions provide your staff and students the ability to get what they need when they need it.

Government Building
Government & Public Sector

We provide reliable and scalable content services platforms with intelligent data AI-capture tools and government workflow automation solutions that bolster efficiencies, so you can spend more time delivering personalized services to constituents.

“Easy to use, develop and deploy. We switched to this product more than 10 years ago and this web-based product is running very stable and reliable. User profile management is super flexible, we are using active directory, LDAP and text files to synchronize different user groups.”

Zhiming Jia,
Senior System Analyst
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